Authentic Praise Ministry
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Our principles

Service. Love. Wellness.

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Mental health can sometimes get a bad rep. In some communities, its downright unwelcome. It is our goal to educate our communities and shatter the stigma in hopes of providing recovery opportunities to those in need. Together, we can make universal mental wellness a reality.

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yoga & wellness

When Founder Denisha Price first stepped on a yoga mat, she felt a sense of relief and self-love. Now, Denisha is known as "Yoga Cop" and believes yoga could be the bridge to connect us all.



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Get involved

Everyone has the potential to make a positive difference. Whether its volunteering, making a donation, or sponsoring an event close to your heart, we invite you to join our growing Ministry of change. We couldn't do what we do without our volunteers, partners, and donors. Here are a few ways you can get involved.



authentic ambassadors

Our Authentic Ambassadors are the glue that keeps our organization strong. They are the boots on the ground providing selfless service and genuine love to our community members as we work to push wellness to the forefront. Learn more about becoming an Ambassador.


Make a Donation

As a non-profit organization, every little bit helps. Financial donations help us reach even more people and fund life-changing initiatives. Even the smallest contributions can make a BIG impact. 100% of your donation goes directly into our community programming.


Shop graphic tees

Our graphic tees boast affirmations that epitomize our dedication to self care. Bright colors and bold slogans make these the perfect tool to uplift yourself and those around you. A portion of sales goes to Healing Heroes, a non-profit supporting veterans with PTSD.


Shop Aware causes necklaces

Aware Causes necklaces help to bring awareness to important causes and illnesses that people in society face everyday. Use our code APAware19 to receive 15% off of your own Aware necklace. A portion of your purchase will be donated to Authentic Praise Ministry.